For Heterosexuals: Now that gay marriage is legal (at least in some states) how has your life changed?

I’m a happily married straight man, who is confused why people worry so much about what other adults are doing. Personally, I haven’t noticed anything different in my life. Based on how some people were acting I was expecting the earth to split open or something. So I am curious about the negative consequences…

Why did the jews make a state as “Israel” in Palestine, when they should have created it in Germany?

They were slaughtered by the Germans (Nazis), then they should have came to Germany (After the end of WW2) from all around the Europe & Asia, & should have created a state occupying a part of Germany’s land because they paid so much for the Germans? Why did they come to Palestine & started occupation […]

Can you suggest good middle names for the names i love please?

I love all these names, but i really need good middle names that i love ans sound great together! I have a few middle names that my husband loves, and i like but i just think we could do better.. so please help?! These are the ones we have: Scarlette Elizabeth Cunningham Scarlette Ava Cunnigham […]

Can a Bank legally Withdraw money out of my checking account to pay for a delinquent Credit card payment?

I Have a credit card that I got though my credit union but its not actually their’s I just went thru them, as in the CC is thru another bank but I went thru my credit union to get it. Anyways I have missed payment on this card for a few months now because of […]

Please let me know what you think of these suggestions to Indian school education? Ideas are welcome?

Grades Factory products utilize dates of manufacture. Humans are more than their age. Propose organising classes according to mental capacity(akin to the mental age calculated in I.Q. tests), rather than physical age. In addition, class age and composition will differ between subjects, with, for example, high…