Considering Bush’s popularity, is it amazing that a republican has such a good chance to become president?

I remember hearing over a year ago that a Democrat is guaranteed to win in ’08. Bush who is the leader of the Republican party may go down in the history books as the worst president America has ever had. And despite that, a Republican has as good a chance to become the next president […]

Can I get honest considered opinion of documented Fox News anti Romney bias from Reps & fair indies?

Everyone who wants to comment, read this, read the link I’ll post, or don’t bother commenting because it would be completely worthless & even stupid. I want you to read these 2 links I’ll post, read the article I wrote on one of them & the others documenting bias & tell me, are you going […]

Do most people think that their country has the strongest army in the world?

I’ve met a lot of people from many different countries and they think that their country has the strongest army in the world. There are even countries with really weak armies brainwashing their people to think that they have the strongest army in the world. Thoughts?

PSALM 83 Prophecy: After Irene, Will Hurricane Katia threaten/Hit NYC for UN Vote on “Palestinian” statehood?

Are there often Hurricanes in the Mediterranean Sea? If so, how could one destroy the nations that surround and are confederate against Israel in trying to destroy her so the name Israel is remembered no more among the nations, without destroying Israel too? Might it make more sense that the Zachariah 12 prophecy…

Who else thinks that Obama will run our country into the ground?

I’m not asking for your “I LOVE OBAMA OMG SHUT UP” comments. I would like to know how many of you agree and what you think. I am NOT racist. But we should not have chosen a president whose middle name, for one, is Hussein. We should not have chosen a president just because he […]