Without quoting the Bible, how do you justify your stance against homosexuality?

If the Bible told you that you must hate your mother in order to be saved, would you blindly follow it without thinking about it rationally first? That is what I’m asking you to do now. The truth is, people are BORN homosexual. It’s not their fault that they’re gay. But what they do have […]

I think it would be fun if you can guess what my zodiac sign is. correct answer wins ten points?

Ok, So my baby is crazy about Astrology and she gives me my horoscope reading everyday! She always says we are not compatible based on astrology. Pheww!!.. Should I believe her? Anyway, so.. ok let’s see how interesting this can go. I’ll tell you about me and NOW you guess my zodiac sign. Ok! I […]

For a trip, I’m getting a bikini for the beach, should i buy a sarong/pareo to go with it?

I’m going on a business trip to Bermuda in late June. Unfortunately, my husband is not allowed to go. I needed a new bathing suit for my “free time” I get at the beach. I decided to buy a bikini. I have a good figure and this one looks sexy, yet doesn’t show “too much”. […]